• TEN searchable options to locate a maintenance facility.
  • JRA’s information is valid, up-to-date and accessible 24/7, unlike printed material that is outdated before it hits the shelf.
  • Find qualified maintenance facilities fast and easy.
  • Save time and money when locating maintenance facilities to acquire multiple quotes for scheduled maintenance.
  • Directory includes 500 international maintenance facilities.


  • For Part 135 operators, the FAA requires you to ensure that the maintenance facilities that work on your aircraft are on an FAA-Approved Drug Program; this is enforced by the FAA Drug Abatement team. The JRA website stores valid proof of participation in an FAA-Approved Drug Program.
  • Use your JRA binder to store compliance data on your outsourced vendors.
  • JRA automatically verifies and updates all compliance documents.


  • JRA audits maintenance facilities operation specifications and drug program for compliance and validity before making it available on website.
  • Going in for heavy maintenance? Request an on-site audit to make sure the maintenance facility is right for the inspection. We will audit the facility for proper equipment, training and conformity to regulation.